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In Circuit Test

ICT is a test development group that provides solutions for In-circuit KeySight-Keysight systems i1000 and i3070. We are able to provide consulting services and development for Analog, Digital, Programing and Boundary Scan. Additionally, we integrate additional technology as programmers, JTAG analyzers, scanners, RFID readers, LED analyzers and custom additional hardware for special test, to add value to the traditional In-circuit test Systems


  • Test development for KeySight platforms i3070, i1000 / Off-line & In-line
  • Test development for analog, digital and mixed tests
  • Consulting specialist services
  • Debug and implementation for special test
  • Engineering Change Order implementation Implementation for custom libraries Migration of technology UX-WIN / Series 3- Series 5


  • Integration for ILFP board programming interface
  • Flash programming with digital tests
  • Integration for off-the-shelf programmers in fixture


  • Led Analyzers integration
  • Optical fibers for multiplexing
  • Boundary Scan Implementation 1149.6
  • Traceability Scanners / RFID
  • Integration for special HW/SW
  • Special sensors for special failure mode detection